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Before you buy kava online in Australia, ask yourself this ..

Which Kava is best - Fiji Kava or Vanuatu Kava?

In both Fiji and Vanuatu, kava roots are ground into a fine powder. The Fijian method usually involves mixing the freshly ground powder with cold water and then drinking immediately afterwards.

Conversely, Vanuatu kava preparation is a little more involved. This is because in Vanuatu, kava is prepared using the fresh green roots. After picking, the roots are dried and then milled ready for use. Additionally, one of the major process differences is the use of warm-to-hot water when mixing with the milled kava.

By the way, all our Kava has been certified as noble variety and microbial tested by the country-of-origin governments.

Here at Buy Kava Online, experience tells us that the process of mixing the powder with water is one that is best done using traditional methods.

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Also, before you buy kava, check out this informative AND entertaining video (make sure you watch it to the end for the out-takes!). Its title is “How to Make Kava with Sani and Rutha”……and even though it was was made in 2014, it’s as relevant today as it was then. Good stuff!