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Want to buy kava online in Great Southern Region?

Now you can buy Kava online in Great Southern Region in Western Australia

Just go to our online Kava Shop for prompt delivery service!

We just love our kava and we’re great believers in “sharing the love”!

Therefore, we wish to ensure that you and other Great Southern kava drinkers have the best kava available to them.

Although we are based in Adelaide and as we don’t have retail outlets, we ship out daily to the Great Southern Region and other parts of Western Australia via Express Post from our Gold Coast warehouse. Consequently, following receipt of your order, your delivery should only take 2-3 business days to land.

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Also, maybe you don’t always have time to prepare kava powder ready for drinking. If that’s the case, why not try our Instant Kava? So easy to get ready – just add a half teaspoon to a glass of water. VOILA – in 10 seconds you have your kava ready to drink and enjoy!

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Vineyard with caption Buy Kava Online in Great Southern Region

When you buy kava online, would you like to have access to the very best quality noble variety kava?

Are you a Pacific Islander working and/or living in Australia?

Then now is the time to try our noble variety Kavas. As you already know, kava has been used in the Pacific Islands for centuries to treat anxiety, insomnia and more. The good news is that it’s now available in the Great Southern Region. Moreover, that’s in addition to Port Hedland, PerthFremantle and all other parts of Western Australia! Even more remote places such as Broome, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Bunbury are on our delivery schedule!

If you are reading this as someone who is not a Pacific Islander, Kava is also known as “Leaves of Paradise”. Also, kava comes from the roots of Piper Methysticum plants which are native to the South Pacific Islands.

As we know from our own wonderful experiences, the relaxing effects of kava can be so good! Therefore it’s easy to understand why the islands’ people take it as part of their daily lives. Additionally, this herb has been used traditionally in ceremonies by men and women alike. Reason being is that it’s a way to bond with each other after work or during special occasions. Such occasions include weddings, funerals and welcoming special guests.

The kavas from Buy Kava Online are an excellent choice. Why? Because it’s clean, 100% pure and therefore potent!  So, if you want an alternative solution that may help you relax and ease any anxiety you may have, try it now.

Also, we give you an added bonus for orders over $180.

That is, we provide you with a FREE strainer bag with every order plus FREE Express Post delivery!

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