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Every kava drinker in Australia should be able to buy kava online.

As such, it’s important that you have easy access to the best kava available.

Therefore, we only sell noble variety strains of Fiji Kava and Vanuatu Kava

All our products are purchased through our importer – Australia Kava Shop who have worked in kava for nearly 20 years.

BUY KAVA ONLINE – Where you can order your very own “HAPPY SHELLS!”

When you buy kava online in Australia from us, you’re making an excellent choice! Why?

Because it’s 100% pure noble variety and therefore without any nasty “hang-over” type effects. Moreover, you may find it to be a great alternative solution to alcohol to help you relax and ease any anxiety you may have.

In fact, check out our Kava Recipes for Kava Cocktails page. Whether it’s just for you or if you’re entertaining, this is a great resource. Additionally, here’s some more useful information on kava in Australia.

Our history of working directly with farmers in Fiji and Vanuatu is long-standing. Accordingly, this ensures that you get the best product possible at a competitive price. As well as that, our prompt delivery means that your order will arrive in no time!


YOU will receive FREE EXPRESS POST DELIVERY plus a FREE high-quality strainer bag with every order over $180!

So go ahead—buy your kava online today and relax tomorrow!