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Know what I love about winter? NOTHING! Well .. almost nothing.

Over a third of my life has been spent in the sub-tropics namely – Australia’s Gold Coast and Vanuatu. In fact, it was during my eleven years in Vanuatu that I came to love kava. Sitting with friends in a nakamal (meeting place) at the end of the day, sharing a shell or two and “chewing the fat” was something that I always looked forward to.

Now living in Adelaide, I have kept up my daily regime of a shell or two. Although I can drink kava from a host of different countries, my personal favourite is still Vanuatu Kava – both in kava powder form and especially – instant kava

The main reason I drink instant kava as a preference is because I’m often time poor, so the fact that I can mix up a drink in 10 seconds is very appealing to me. Moreover, I like to use it when I am making kava cocktails. Give it a try and then introduce to your friends at your next social function. They’ll love you for it!